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Family tree, family history, tracing your roots, or whatever you call it has to be the favourite hobby of retired folks. There are even television shows and print magazines dedicated to it.

Want to explore my trees? Sure!

At over 10GB, they are too big to post here on my website but you can see them for free on Ancestry. Send me an email and I’ll give you access.

Our Ancestors

So, who were our ancestors? Mostly they were ordinary folks like most of us today. Many of the jobs or trades they performed no longer exist - there are no feodaries, alchemists or silk crape makers today.

Others had jobs we still see today: farmers, carpenters, and merchants. There weren't many black sheep. A few had troubles such as unwed motherhood, bigamy, financial disaster or an excessive fondness for alcohol but happily, I found no axe murders or the like. So far.

My roots are in England and Scotland although the farther back I go, the more European countries are involved. Tess’ roots are in the Philippines.

Sometimes I have been lucky. For example, I am descended from someone named Alabaster and that is a unique name. That is, all people with that last name are members of the same family. There are thousands of Alabasters around the world, all related to me.

Tess’ family tree is very challenging because very few records in the Philippines are available on-line. I think her last name may be unique too, although there are two spellings: Nartatez and Nartates. Eventually I hope to tie them all together.

In particular, I still am looking for proof of the relationship between Tess’ great grandfather Candido Nartatez born 1841 in Santa(?) and Antonio Nartatez born 1841 in Narvacan and Pedro Nartatez born 1845 in Santa. Help!

February 2019 Changes

I recently hit the 11,000 people mark and my poor computer was having all kinds of trouble coping with such a big database. Its not just the people; there are documents, source citations and photos for each of them. So even with a COREi5 processor, 16GB of RAM, a solid state hard drive, and 300 mbps internet, things had slowed to a crawl.

The solution was to split the tree into 4 smaller trees starting with each of my grandparents. Problem solved. Of course a new problem has cropped up - which tree has people named Fox? Or Colpitts? Maybe another database with just indexed names pointing to the proper tree?

If you had access to the GMH_Tree at Ancestry, it has now been removed. Send me an email with the family name(s) you are interested in and I’ll send you a link for free access to the new trees.

Recognizing my family members in the military who made the ultimate sacrifice for King or Queen and Country.