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This is our dog named Camper.

He is 10 lbs of playful love

Bobog is an Ilocano (a Filipino dialect) word that means little crumbs like those on the floor collected when sweeping up.

It can also mean dry bits of toast or the stuff a pencil eraser leaves behind. You know, bobogs.

This is us in 2018. Not as playful as we once were and much more than 10 lbs!

News - Apr 19, 2022

Whats happening in and around our lives. Start here!


RVing - Apr 19, 2022

Our travels in our motorhome. Also, lots of info if you are curious about RVing.



A hobby that teaches history. Check out some of my 17,254 family members.


News Archive

The last 6 months or so in case you want to catch up.

News Archive


Honouring fallen military family members over the generations.


Isla Pix - Apr 19, 2022

Click the photo above to see more photos of our beautiful granddaughter Isla

You have found your way to the family website for Greg & Tess Harrison. Glad you are here!

This site is for family and friends to keep up to date and for me to share my passions for RVing and genealogy.

Enjoy your stay!

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